About Us

The Automat is an independent design and creative studio that specializes in the branding and marketing of products, specialty goods, brands, websites, and ideas. Check out some of our work at our aptly name page – work!

With careers built on developing and delivering award winning marketing campaigns, photographs, and websites; we’re excited to bring our collective skills together to craft a story that’s unique to each and every client. Ranging from Fortune 50 organizations to the smallest of businesses that have the largest of missions, we’ve developed solutions and strategies while tailoring our approach specific to the design, marketing, and technological needs of each of our clients.

Nothing brings us greater joy than working with clients dedicated to their craft and their customers equally. Attention to detail is the name of the game when it comes to refining a brand that will attract its ideal customers while we provide professional communication & delivery. Contact Us so we can build awesome things together 💕

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